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New Articles

5/18/13 Caribou, Moose & Deer
New Article Posted in the Animals section.

5/18/13 Our Story
New Article Posted, including sub-topics:

5/18/13 Skeletal Materials
New Article Posted, including sub-topics:

Site Improvements & Additions

Mar. 2013, Home Page, Added Featured Categories (the categories with products), and a direct link to In Stock Online

Mar. 2013, Consistent Product Information, Our product details tabs (The Craft, The Artisan) have been programmed to fetch and display content from a single source. This reduces errors as we add information to each product, and ensures the most accurate and up-to-date information for every item and artist.

Feb. 2013, Tabs Display, Our new tabbed products details display allows you to view product details, learn about the craft method, read the artist bio, view the artist's entire collection, and even find more products you will love.

Feb. 2013, More Photos, Missing knife and ulu photos have been uploaded.

Jan 2013, New Category Display, An exciting new immersive presentation of our Alaskan crafts: Browse the Store. Click any photo for the category description and products, or click on a large category title, i.e. Knives & Ulus to view several subcategory descriptions at once.

Dec. 2013, Meriam Linder, Meriam's linoleum block prints and watercolor wood block prints are now available online.

Nov.-Dec. 2013, Wilderness Wonders, Wilderness Wonders hairsticks and barrettes, even including some one-of-a-kind pieces, are now available online.

Fall 2013, Inventory!, Finally, products and photos! The whole Dancing Man Knives & Ulus product line is available online.

Summer 2013, Categories, Photos of all of the product categories, with engaging descriptions. A virtual tour of the gallery!