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Our Story

Homer-raised artist and entrepreneur Meriam Linder opened the Local Showcase in 2006 to complement her established wholesale business, Wilderness Wonders. Meriam conceived the retail gallery as a venue to bring small editions of new works directly to her patrons. In addition, she saw the opportunity to represent other Alaskan artisans that made beautiful quality art and needed respectful and educated representation.

These origins result in a high-quality, yet accessible gallery, Local Showcase, that strives to:

  • Provide high quality, authentic products for the shopper at fair prices, creating a sustainable sales relationship built on trust.
  • Promote Craft as Business, by advocating for fair wholesale pricing that provides a sustainable living wage to the artist.
  • Be a sustainable (profitable) business, so as to continue benefiting the artists, shoppers, employees and management.

Local Showcase: From the Hands of Alaska

Local Showcase: From the Hands of Alaska

Meet Meriam

Meet Meriam